Cheeky Reels

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Reel Features and Specifications

Progressive fly fishermen are chasing bigger, faster and more obscure species around the world and in their backyards alike.  They demand a superior product.  Cheeky Fly Fishing has identified and brought to market exactly what progressive fly fishermen demand: fly reels for every situation, from bluegill to shark, that are incredibly strong, lightweight, and durable, have a giant arbor, a ton of line capacity, and are maintenance free.  No other reel with an arbor as large can claim such a drastic strength-to-weight ratio. 

Evo Synthetic Drag System:  In its evolutionary sealed disk drag system, Cheeky Fly Fishing utilizes an innovative PTFE composite that outperformed other materials in testing.  Stacked alternating stainless steel and composite discs provide durability, stopping power, heat dissipation and a smooth startup for those blistering runs.  The entire drag package is sealed by aerospace grade o-rings, nothing gets in or out, ensuring the drag’s superior performance for the life of the reel.

MAX Arbor:  Cheeky Fly Fishing is pushing the limits of large arbor design to the max.  The MAX Arbor on all Cheeky Fly Reels reduces line memory and increases line retrieval rates to a new level.

B2 Channel:  Cheeky Fly Reels hold about 20% more line than other large arbor reels.  The B2 Channel, a reserve backing bank, increases line capacity dramatically without compromising arbor.

Lightweight:  Lighter is better.  Why put a heavy reel on that brand new “lightest rod in the world” you just picked up?  By eliminating unnecessary metal from its design, Cheeky Fly Fishing has mastered the concept of lightweight, large arbor reels without compromising strength.

Mating System:  Cheeky’s mating system allows fly fishermen to change spools quickly by utilizing a hand tightening knob that’s durable and secure. Toolbox not required.

Simple L/R Retrieve Conversion:  No more trips to the fly shop, or worse yet, post office.  Changing from left to right hand retrieve is as simple as flipping the bearing in the comfort of your own home.

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Design Philosophy

Cheeky Fly Fishing set out with three goals: to manufacture the highest performing fly reels available, to infuse energy and style into the sport and to provide service unparalleled in the fly fishing industry.

Performance.  Cheeky Fly Fishing spent years developing and testing its line of fly reels.  The revolutionary strength-to-weight ratio enables fly fishermen to use one of the lightest reels on the market to land the biggest fish in the world.  Fully machined from 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, and anodized to endure the gnarliest elements fly fishermen face, Cheeky Fly Reels are built to last a lifetime.

Cheeky’s fully sealed Evo Synthetic disk drag system utilizes the latest technology in stopping power, friction control and heat dissipation.  The drag system also ensures minimum startup inertia and zero maintenance, so your reel is always ready for the next run of blitzing fish.  

The B2 Channel design drastically increases line capacity while still maintaining a super large arbor to keep you confident even when the biggest tarpon roll.  Further, Cheeky’s MAX Arbor is designed to reduce line memory and pick up line at an industry leading rate.

Style.  Cheeky Fly Fishing has worked with graphic designers from the ski industry to create a line of reels that are as Cheeky as those who fish them.  Style is important and now the highest performing equipment allows you to look the best too.  Fly fishermen who demand the best in style and performance turn to Cheeky Fly Fishing.

Service.  Cheeky Fly Fishing is proud to be an independent fly fishing manufacturer.  We do not have to play by corporate rules, and for our customers, that means outstanding service all the time.