Yes, you read that right ... Cheeky is giving away a reel every month for the rest of 2014. Here's how it works:

Each month, Cheeky will host a different contest right here on the Reel Giveaway page. Contests may involve anything from testing your trivial knowledge to requiring creative submissions. Make sure to check back regularly to enter each month's contest and see the latest news, announcements and rules surrounding Cheeky's Monthly Reel Giveaway.

September is Cheeky Trivia Month! Each Tuesday for the remainder of the month, Cheeky will post a link on this page to a new Cheeky Trivia challenge. Each week's trivia challenge will test your knowledge of Cheeky history and news in a variety of ways. Participate every week and answer the questions correctly to increase your chances to win a Cheeky Reel of your choice! On the final Tuesday of the month, we will randomly select one lucky winner from the qualified entries.

Here's how you enter:

Here's how you win:
  • Answer as many questions correctly as possible
  • For every correct answer you submit, you will be given one point. Every point you accumulate over the month will count as an additional entry in the Reel Giveaway drawing at the end of the month
  • One entrant will be randomly selected at the end of the month to win a Cheeky Reel of their choice



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