Cheeky Joins Forces with Faceless Fly Fishing Media and Fly Fishing Nation

Adventure fly fishing expeditions and media continue to gain popularity as more and more fly fishermen are pushing the limits of the sport.  Cheeky Fly Fishing has recently joined forces with two groups, Fly Fishing Nation and Faceless Fly Fishing Media, to support expeditions in a never-ending pursuit of untamed fly fishing worldwide.

Fly Fishing Nation is dedicated to locating unique fly fisheries throughout the world and capturing the action through photography and film.  These fly fishing addicts go beyond borders and obstacles with a unique goal—to create a fly fishing nation.  Upcoming trips include expeditions in Puerto Rico, Iceland, Cuba, New Brunswick and Argentina.  For more information on Fly Fishing Nation visit

Faceless Fly Fishing Media spawned from a group of Alberta, Canada based friends that have come together to produce videos and photographs in an effort to inspire others to get out on the water and go fishing.  Faceless Fly Fishing Media was recently profiled by the Drake and This is Fly after returning from Honduras where they filmed “Out of Our Element.”  The group is currently in production of its newest film for the International Fly Fishing Film Tour.  For more information on Faceless Fly Fishing Media visit its Facebook Page or check out the group's videos on Vimeo.

Thanks to the enormous drive and dedication of these athletes, previously untamed waters have become some of the world's most desirable places to chase new species on the fly.

Cheeky Fly Fishing is excited to join forces with these pioneering sportsmen and women who are living proof that there is no place too far, no wind too strong and no water too rough for a fly rod.