Cheeky Theater

Here at Cheeky Fly Fishing we love watching sweet fishing videos—tight-looped casts, flies dropped in front of tailing fish, massive strikes on the water, fish blitzing on the surface … the kind of stuff that gets your heart beating and hands shaking.

Now we have a place to share those epic videos—Cheeky Theater.  No matter what species you are targeting, we want to see your Cheeky Gear in action!  Send us your videos for a chance to win swag, apparel and reels from Cheeky Fly Fishing.


There are only two rules:

1)  Video must be at least 60 seconds long

2)  Video must feature at least one Cheeky Fly Fishing Product*

Submit all videos to


Prizes will be awarded for the following milestones:

100 Loads: Cheeky Sticker Package

500 Loads: Set of Cheeky Coozies

2,000 Loads: Cheeky Pro Cap

10,000 Loads: Cheeky Hat/Shirt Combo

30,000 Loads: Cheeky Ripple Hoodie

60,000 Loads: Cheeky Pliers

100,000 Loads: Cheeky Reel of Your Choice

1 Million Loads: Set of all 5 Cheeky Reels


Cheeky Fly Fishing reserves the right to determine which films are posted on Cheeky Theater

*Cheeky Fly Fishing products must be distinguishable to viewers.  This will be determined in full by Cheeky Fly Fishing

Prizes are cumulative and can be claimed up to 1 years after a video is submitted

First set of prizes will be shipped 60 days after video is published on Cheeky Fly Fishing Theater  

Only loads via the Cheeky Theater Vimeo Account will count towards Cheeky Fly Fishing Prizes


Cheeky Theater Rules and Limitations: By submitting a film to Cheeky Theater, participants agree to be bound by the rules and decisions of Cheeky Fly Fishing as well as the website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  By submitting a film to Cheeky Theater and/or accepting prize(s), winners agree that Cheeky Fly Fishing, and its owners and employees, are not liable for any damages or injury arising out of Cheeky Theater.  Cheeky Fly Fishing reserves the right to use participants’ content, photos, videos, full names and email addresses for promotional purposes, however, this information will never be sold or distributed to third parties.  Limit of one entry per person.  Prizes are non-transferable.  Cheeky Fly Fishing reserves the rights to update the Rules and Limitations from time to time as well as the rules and processes of Cheeky Theater.  If you do not agree with these Cheeky Theater Rules and Limitations, please do not submit a film to Cheeky Theater.