Recently, Cheeky received the following email from a gentleman who had just returned from Christmas Island where he fished the Cheeky Thrash 475.  Later, his story was published by the popular fly fishing blog, Bonefish on the Brain.  You can read the full story here.

"I’m a lifelong fly fisherman. I recently took trip to Christmas Island in Kiribati...My biggest question going on this trip was whether these reels would be able to handle these fish. What any fly angler who has ever caught a GT will tell you is that they are the absolute pinnacle of inshore species. We took a massive risk heading to Xmas Island with your relatively untested product, with people telling us that ‘only the absolute best reels will do for Giant Trevally’. We landed 5 GT’s on your Thrash 475 out of 9 hooked at Xmas Island. The 4 lost were due to straightened hooks, 50lb core fly line and 80lb spectra backing cut on coral. Your reels performed flawlessly. Your reel was able to withstand GT’s running basically the entire capacity of your spool with the drag cranked as far as wet fingers would allow, and that’s not something many manufacturers can say about their’ve got a Cheeky user for life here!"