You know that feeling when you drop your fly a couple feet ahead of a tailing fish—heart beating, hands shaking you strip, strip … and WHAM the water erupts and the fly is devoured. In the same second the line goes taught and the fish takes off. You’re on.

That’s what Cheeky Fly Fishing is all about. 

We are fly fishing addicts. Our waders are always wet and our rods and reels spend more time rinsing in the shower than we do. Inspired by that heart-pounding moment when a fish explodes on the fly and all hell breaks loose, we are thrill seeking, adrenaline driven, extreme fly fishermen. In 2009 we set out to deliver products aligned with our inspiration.

Cheeky Fly Reels are designed specifically for progressive fly fishermen. We are committed to developing the highest quality reels available designed to emphasize style rather than tradition. Since 2009, we’ve been passionate about two things – satisfying our obsession for fly fishing and developing reels for fly fishermen who seek to push the limits of the sport.

Whether you’re a bonefish guide in Belize or a troutbum in the Rockies, you demand the same from your equipment: performance, dependability and style. No matter where you fish or what species you target, Cheeky Fly Fishing will give you the confidence you need on the water. Join the movement…Get Cheeky.