About Us

Our story begins in Boston, where Scott, Peter and Ted lived and spent too much time working for the man.  Unsatisfied with the day-to-day office grind, the three partners left corporate America and joined forces with fellow co-founder Max Key of Denver to found Cheeky Fly Fishing.  The four of us sought to create something special in an industry we love.  After all, we are fly fishing addicts … inspired by that heart-pounding moment when a fish explodes on the fly and all hell breaks loose.  In 2009, we set out to deliver products aligned with our passion for the sport.

For two years, we devoted our lives to designing, developing and testing Cheeky Reels.  As experienced fly fishermen, we knew we had to deliver a flawless product from day one.  Fly fishermen demand performance, quality and reliability from their equipment.  When the fish of a lifetime takes your fly, we wanted to ensure Cheeky Reels would deliver unparalleled performance.

In 2011, we launched our first fly reels to the public.  Designed to emphasize style rather than tradition, Cheeky Reels featured cutting-edge technology, innovative design and bold anodizing to differentiate from products currently on the market.  These qualities, coupled with the superior performance of other features like the fully sealed Evo Synthetic Drag System, MAX Arbor and B2 Channel, have established Cheeky as a leader in the fly reel market.

Five years after Cheeky Fly Fishing was founded, Scott, Peter, Max and Ted are still at the helm.  With a growing team and an eye towards future innovation and new product development, Cheeky is excited for what the future holds … not just for our company, but for the fly fishing industry at large.  We hope our story will continue to inspire new anglers to try fly fishing and experienced fly fishermen to continue pushing the limits of the sport.


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