Cheeky March Madness


Bracket registration is now closed, but you can still donate to Casting for Recovery and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust here

Do you have College Basketball March Madness fever? Combine the thrill of picking your favorite teams with the excitement of fly fishing in Cheeky's March Madness: Road To The Final Fish. Since 2011, Cheeky Fly Fishing has hosted this unique tournament to benefit Casting for Recovery and the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

With Cheeky's March Madness, college basketball teams have been replaced with sport fish for the ultimate tournament pick-em challenge. Fill out the bracket by selecting the fish you prefer to target on the fly in each "matchup." 64 species will battle for the title, but only one will be crowned champion based on your votes! The most accurate brackets will be in the running for thousands of dollars worth of prizes from fly fishing's top brands.


Bracket registration is now closed, but you can still vote for your favorite fish on the fly in each matchup!


Vote during each round of matchups to help determine which fish will advance in the Road To The Final Fish. Voting will take place on this page according to the below schedule.


The more matchups you predict correctly with your bracket submission, the more points you will be awarded. A correct matchup prediction in Round 1 is worth 1 point, a correct prediction in round 2 is worth 2 points, Sweet Sixteen 3 points, Elite Eight 4 Points, the Final Four 5 points and the Championship will be worth 6 points. After each round, Cheeky will post a leaderboard. Entrants who accumulate the most points during the tournament will win prizes. First place will have first choice amongst all the prizes, second place will have second choice, and so on until all the prizes are gone. At least all of the top 20 finishers will receive a prize.


The winner of each fish matchup will be determined by fan voting. Voting for each matchup will take on this page according to the schedule below. Each round ends at 6:00pm EST on the specified date.

First Round Part 1 (16 matchups): March 19-20

First Round Part 2 (16 matchups): March 22-23

Second Round Part 1 (4 matchups): March 24

Second Round Part 2 (4 matchups): March 25

Second Round Part 3 (4 matchups): March 26

Second Round Part 4 (4 matchups): March 27

Sweet Sixteen Part 1 (4 matchups): March 30

Sweet Sixteen Part 2 (4 matchups): March 31

Elite Eight Part 1 (2 matchups): April 1

Elite Eight Part 2 (2 matchups): April 2

Final Four (2 matchups): April 3-4

Championship (1 matchup): April 5-6

1. You can vote for any fish, for any reason, but you can only vote once per matchup. Maybe it's the fish you would target if you only had one day left on the water ... maybe it's the best fight you've ever had on the fly ... whatever the reason for your vote, cast it wisely.

2. If you cheat by trying to vote more than once, Cheeky will catch you, disqualify your entry and smack you with a lifetime ban from March Madness and future Cheeky Events. Don't buy it? Try us. We have some pretty sweet technology that knows when an individual votes more than once.

Cheeky Fly Fishing thanks all of the tournament's sponsors for donating thousands of dollars worth of prizes and supporting two great causes. Prizes for this year include:


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